The Fearless Socialpreneur

In his captivating book, The Fearless Socialpreneur, Dr. Rob Douk weaves business advice and invaluable wisdom from his life and career as a successful serial entrepreneur into a vivid account of his personal experiences. Dr. Douk is a self-proclaimed socialpreneur with a passion for building companies that not only thrive, but full-heartedly give back, leaving a positive and measurable mark on the world.
The Fearless Socialpreneur takes a holistic approach to business success, beginning with a balanced life. Dr. Douk introduces his 10 Principles of Success, which apply to all areas of one’s professional and personal life. Each chapter dives into one of the 5 F’s (foundations of a balanced life), or 5 P’s (principles of business success). Dr. Douk shares the story of he and his family’s trials and triumphs through escaping a Cambodian labor camp, migrating to America, and building a life from scratch.
This true story of success, faith, and dedication will inspire readers to take action. Throughout the book, Dr. Douk provides exercises for self-reflection, ideation, and implementation that allow readers to apply this advice to both their short- and long-term plans. The Fearless Socialpreneur takes the traditional idea of success to the next level, revealing paths that reach far beyond monetary gains.

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