An engaging presenter with a captivating backstory, Dr. Rob Douk is known for connecting with his audiences in a way that compels them to act. Dr. Douk speaks on a variety of worthwhile subjects, including his 10 principles of life, business, and social entrepreneurship. His presentations are gripping, inspirational, and uplifting.

Dr. Douk has experience speaking to audiences large and small. He offers his speeches and keynote presentations as entertainment and education for industry conventions and corporate and private events.

10 Principles To A Purposeful Life



Dr. Douk has given speeches about all 10 Principles To A Purposeful Life in addition to the topics listed below. Contact Dr. Douk today to learn more about how he can help transform your business and life into a better future.

  • Entrepreneurship: Through the Lens of a Socialpreneur

  • Positional Leadership: Knowing When to Lead from the Front, Behind, or Beside

  • Internal Brand Alignment: the Importance of Connecting the Head with the Heart

  • How to Create Value: Understand Your Clients, Your Competitors & Your Competence

  • Understanding Behaviors: the Four Functions of Behavior

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