Hope Out Loud is a nonprofit helping families around the world meet basic needs, providing them with opportunities to pull themselves up and reach for something better. Their vision is to provide families in need with access to essentials such as healthcare and clean water. They also seek to bring hope and awareness to other pressing issues, such as human trafficking. Hope Out Loud equips potential victims and survivors with sustainable skills for making a living, effectively fighting the cycle of human trafficking that plagues young women and girls in less fortunate societies.

Involvement and success


Hope Out Loud works with communities to improve living conditions and healthcare systems in areas where the rapid spread of disease is directly caused by lack of sanitation solutions, housing scarcity, and deforestation. The foundation is dedicated to working with communities to improve the quality of life for locals.

Clean water

Without access to clean water, 1 in 5 children under the age of five dies due to a water-related illness. In addition to their work providing sanitation solutions, Hope Out Loud builds wells in areas that don’t have attainable access to clean drinking water. These water access points are built in strategic locations in order to maximize their impact on the surrounding communities.


Human trafficking of young women and girls is one of the fastest growing social issues the world faces today. To fight such a large and toxic issue, Hope Out Loud has created a holistic, comprehensive, and sustainable solution. The goal is to give survivors and potential victims the means to make a living through practical and artisanal skills, effectively breaking the cycle of abuse and enslavement.