You’re not living the Principles of Socialpreneurship—yet!

Not to worry: I was once where you are now. Success in business and in life is a journey—and it’s time to take the next step in yours.
We are all given a unique set of gifts and talents in life. And it is up to us how we use them. My recommendation to you: take none of them for granted and use each of them wisely. Those who have taught and mentored me, from childhood through my professional life, gave me the best of themselves. I learned and grew, thanks in large part to people who, when faced with obstacles and adversity, forged ahead in the true spirit of entrepreneurship.
They knew how to pick up the pieces and take the lessons, continuing onward with increased strength and knowledge. When they found themselves traveling down roads that led them away from their true purpose, they found the courage to change directions. They did not succumb to setbacks or hardship. Instead, they found a way to integrate the lessons they learned into a hopeful whole. They showed me how to succeed.
Important note: You have everything you need right now to take the next right action towards your vision. It just might take a shift in perspective first. You’ve got to shift from a fear-mindset to a faith-mindset. This is an essential step in making sure that as you move forward, you’re headed in the right direction.
Faith is the first foundation for a balanced life. Faith is what gets you through as you lean on the knowledge that there is something larger than yourself. When you are faithful, you feel confident that your hopes will prevail even when you cannot see how. Fear, on the other hand, cripples you. We all need something deeper, bigger, and more impactful that will bring meaning into our lives and inspire us to reach out to the world. Faith in a future helps us to conquer the fears that stand in the way.
It’s time to take an honest look at how you’re running your business—and living your life. The good news is it’s never too late to change course. Life is a journey, not a destination, and we can learn something from every stop along the way, no matter how big of a detour from our path it appears to be. Below I present a few questions from my book, The Fearless Socialpreneur, to help you rewrite your story.
Shifting Your Focus from Fear to Faith

  1. Close your eyes. Think about your dreams. Then, what fears are currently in your way from hitting these dreams of yours? Be radically honest with yourself.
  2. Faith and Fear are inversely related. How much more could you achieve if you had more faith than your fears? A lot? A little? Not at all? Take a moment and truly process this question on your own and please answer this truthfully for yourself.
  3. Now, imagine what your older self might tell you about having faith in the future and what that means to you? If you could meet your older self, what do you imagine that he or she might tell you about having faith in the future?

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