Well done! You already embody some of the Principles of Socialpreneurship

But there’s more to learn on your journey toward the life and success you dream of. 
We’ll start by taking an honest look at the fundamentals of a thriving enterprise: the 3 P’s of People, Process, and Product.
The people, the process, and the product are the three primary ingredients of a plan not only for entrepreneurial success but for dealing effectively with any significant life change. In this exercise, you will work backward by identifying your product first. From there, you will identify who you will need to help you reach that destination and how you will get there – that is, the people and the process. Below I ask a few questions from my book The Fearless Socialpreneur to help you take your next steps forward towards your vision.
Considering Your 3 P’s
1. Product: Describe, in as much detail as you can, what you hope to produce.
What is the product, or the result, that you are striving to achieve? What is the goal, the service, the product that you expect will make a difference? What’s your “Why?” Why is this product important to you?
2. People: Who is in your corner?
Who will be the people that you surround yourself with in order to fulfill your vision? What qualities should these people embody? What core values and principles will make someone a good fit for your team that will drive your team forward towards your end goal?
3. Process: What are the basic steps required to get the desired results?
What will be the process that takes you where you need to go? Start with the big picture. Where do you hope to be in five years? Then break that down into smaller steps. What needs to happen this year, this month, and this week in order to get there? Then start with what is actionable today.
Looking for more insight? Through Douk & Co., I partner with other social enterprises and invest in their success. My objective is to identify people with passion who know their purpose but who have yet to figure out how to turn that purpose into a sustainable, growing business. That’s where I can help, and I am qualified because that has been my journey, too. I finally identified my passion to help people and then pursued my purpose, putting in place a plan to carry it out.
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