Congratulations, you are living the Principles of Socialpreneurship!

Your fearless commitment to your work and our future is sure to be making the world a better place.
We all embody many roles. At any one time, we might be a parent, a spouse, a colleague, a mentor, a mentee, a community member, and a friend. Another of these is the role of Socialpreneur, which is an overarching way of being that informs how you embody all your other roles in life. And you are already living this out.
Socialpreneurs are agents for positive change. They launch innovative enterprises that achieve not only financial returns but also social benefits. They strive to capture a movement and to get people’s support for a vision and mission. I strongly believe that the future of business these days lies in developing great products and services that will solve societal needs. That could include not only such obviously beneficial endeavors as curing cancer and eradicating the AIDS epidemic but also technological innovations that enrich our lives and bring us closer together. Socialpreneurs do more than help people in need. They provide the things that people need and have a genuine desire to be of service to a purpose or a movement that is larger than themselves.
When someone does you good and you pay it back, you can’t really call it a gift. It was simply a transaction. But when someone does you good and you pay it forward to help others in need, you could be starting a chain reaction of beneficence. Below I present a few questions from my book The Fearless Socialpreneur to help you identify ways you can Pay it Forward. 
Ask Yourself:

1. What are the needs of my community and the organizations I am involved in?
Your list may include a homeless shelter, an after-school program for youth at risk, your church, your children’s school, a business association, a nonprofit, a political affiliation, your alma mater, a local media organization, a club devoted to your social interest—the list of possibilities is as endless as your imagination!
2. What resources does your company have that will meet one or all of the needs from the previous question?
Examples might include financial donations, staff volunteer, specialized skills, etc.
3. Now, identify which community needs could best be addressed by your company.
Not every option from list number one will be appropriate for your business. Determine what partnerships have the potential to be the most mutually beneficial.
4. Next, ask who from your company will be the key players on a committee to address those needs? At each step, from launching the campaign to completing it, who will be responsible for approvals and providing support?
There might be a name, or a few names, that jump to your mind when you ask this question. If one doesn’t however, consider asking a few people in your organization who you think would be the best fit in the role. And who knows, the best person (or people) might not even be working for your organization—yet!
5. How will you meet those needs, and how often during the workweek will you be engaged in this endeavor?
Be realistic.
And if you need help determining this, reach out to me. I’d love to be of service. Translating vision into action in a systematic way is what my company, Douk & Co., is all about. Our suite of resources includes best-practice methods that are orchestrated into a natural workflow environment. We equip leaders at all levels to not only align their focus with their organizational strategy but also have the flexibility to pivot as the business climate and organizational needs change.
I’m here to help!
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