Socialpreneurship: Do You Live The 10 Principles To A Purposeful Life?

In business and in life, everything becomes easier when you’ve got your priorities in the right order. We have vision. We have drive. We have objectives and goals. But if we really want to make an impact with our lives, we’ve got to have something else: purpose, passion, and principles.

Along Dr. Rob Douk’s journey, he had to learn some of this the hard way. His hope is that the principles of social entrepreneurship—or Socialpreneurship—help others reach their highest potential faster.

The 10 Principles of Socialpreneurship are based upon The 5 Foundations of a Balanced Life and The 5 Principles of Business Success. Dr. Douk likes to call them The 5 P’s and The 5 F’s. Together, they provide a roadmap, or framework, to guide users as they move forward towards the achievement of their vision.

As Dr. Douk works with other entrepreneurs, he examines the interplay and the balance of each of those ten fundamentals in life. He looks through that lens in search of success, and it is a lens that brings clarity and focus. It’s the only way to see the real deal. It’s the only way to find true satisfaction in business and in life.

In this assessment, each question is based on one of the 10 Principles and is designed to help takers understand whether they are currently living the principles of socialpreneurship. When the assessment is completed and results are received, Dr. Douk provides feedback and strategies on how the taker might consider moving forward. 

Answer the following 10 questions with honesty, remembering there is no wrong answer. Choose the responses that best reflect your current views. With just a few moments of your time, you can start the journey towards reaching your fullest potential, both as an entrepreneur and as an individual. Let’s get started!

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