Dr. Rob Douk

Regarded as a thought leader in the behavioral health industry, Dr. Rob Douk is a clinician turned social entrepreneur, executive coach, and ForbesBooks Featured Author. He is a serial entrepreneur, having built multiple successful enterprises, incorporating a focus on making measurable societal changes in each venture.

Fleeing death and seeking hope, Rob’s family migrated to America after escaping a Cambodian labor camp in the late 1970s. Building their life from nothing, Rob’s parents taught him how to love hard and work hard through any situation. These incredible circumstances in his early life have helped shape every facet of who he is today.

Rob is married to his college sweetheart, Ami, and they have three young children. Rob and Ami have partnered to build the Hope Out Loud Foundation, an international nonprofit that helps communities around the world. The foundation focuses on providing healthcare, clean water, and hope for underprivileged families, giving them opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.


DR. ROB DOUK  is the founder of Douk & Co., a growth investment firm that focuses on social entrepreneurship. Douk & Co. provides entrepreneurs and CEOs with the necessary tools to expand their companies while giving back to a world in need.

Dr. Douk is a licensed educational psychologist and board-certified behavior analyst with a master’s degree in counseling and a doctorate in psychology. He founded Behavioral Health Works (BHW), an organization that helps individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities reach their potential by working collaboratively with families, schools, and relevant professionals. BHW is one of the premier autism treatment providers in the nation, offering innovative treatments in regions lacking high-quality services.

After launching BHW, Dr. Douk co-founded the global non-profit organization Hope Out Loud, which is dedicated to promoting the well being of humanity around the world through its Health, H20, and Hope initiatives. Furthermore, he founded ClinicSoft, a software company that helps providers to document every step of treatment, streamlining the process and allowing health professionals to spend time where it matters—with their patients.

In addition to his extensive clinical education, Dr. Douk received real-world business training from UCLA Anderson School of Management in its Entrepreneurs Program. An experience that led him to develop his global business strategy with UCLA Anderson and the National University of Singapore in their Global Executive Dual-MBA program. He was also named a John Wooden Global Leadership Fellow by UCLA Anderson, and the Silicon Review honored him among the Top Thirty entrepreneurs in their thirties.